13 comments on “Plastic and the Albatross

  1. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch has to be one of the most disgusting things that humans have done. And considering our horrible tenancies towards nature, that is high praise indeed. Good blog Connor, its one thing to know of this huge garbage patch and another to actually know how it is impacting species. Makes it much more real, especially with graphic photos depicting what we are doing to these birds through our consumer based lifestyles. Very sad.

  2. Wow, that’s horrible. You made a very good choice of a picture: very eye-opening. It’s definitely disheartening to think of how far we still have to go to even begin addressing these problems, but hopefully these kinds of examples will inspire more people to change their habits.

  3. That first picture was really sad! It’s horrible to see this happening to so many species. However, I’ve noticed that recently a lot more companies are trying to be eco-friendly and produce more biodegrable products, or even simple recycled products. Let’s hope we can keep this up and stop our littering!

  4. I thought that first image was artwork… not until I read the caption did I realize it was real!!! Terrible!

    A quote from Serenity comes to mind — “The way I remember it, albatross was a ship’s good luck, ’til some idiot killed it”

  5. Really great post. Thought provoking and definitely challenges my habits. I sometimes use a lot of ziplock bags and disposeable products. I know these things are bad, but when times get busy it’s easier to reach for convenience. Thanks for the reminder. I like how you suggested the video and ways to educate the public. I’ll have to watch that.

  6. 5 tons!!!! That is insane. I agree with Hannah, I also forget at times how much plastic I use daily. Great post Connor!

  7. Great post! I found a solution for plastic wrap though…its called abeigo, and its made from organic material covered in beeswax. So it is washable and pliable. Just in case anyone is interested in trying it, you can buy it at the farmers market when it starts up again.

  8. I will definitely look into abeigo! As for reducing our output of plastic and trash, that is only part of the problem. We also need to deal with the issue at hand which is the current trash pile these Albatross are foraging from. I don’t think prevention (recycling more, using less plastic, sorting trash etc) in this case is sufficient enough to decrease future damages.

  9. This is crazy, and so sad :(. I can’t believe 200,000 of the babies die each year. That’s a lot of babies that could be helping contribute to the population size in future years.

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