13 comments on “Fire Suppression Activities and Associated Ecological Impacts

  1. Awesome photos! I gotta say though, fighting fires doesn’t sound like my ideal job! I like how to paper is organized by the greek elements. Very cool way to present information.

  2. Loved the blog Connor! It is amazing that something as insanely destructive as fire is actually beneficial to organisms (provided there isn’t obscene amounts of fuel build up), and that even when trying to protect the environment, we are still harming it in some way haha.

  3. Your job sounds amazing! I wanted to do rap attack a few summers ago. Your post was very interesting, and I enjoyed the ‘inside perspective.’ I wonder what kind of action could be taken to essentially complete the same goal as fire suppression but without the devestating effects. Do you know if anyone is looking into this? There must be lots of papers about the topic.

  4. Nice blog Conner! I think we need to always be looking for new ways to improve the way we suppress fires, it should definitely be an ongoing thing.

  5. Nice post connor! I really liked the pictures. I like the light-hand-on-the-land tactic idea. It’s also super cool that you get to ride in helicopters to save forests!

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