12 comments on “Let’s Get Political: the Muzzling of Scientists by the Government of Canada

  1. Its unethical. I’m taking a history of science course. And one lessons was on this exact point. Science “governs itself” through peer review, and publications. But if there is someone (government, pharmaceutical companies, etc.) stopping publication, then science is biased and WRONG. haha. Frustrating.

  2. Muzzling scientists is definitely dumb on the government’s part. This sounds like we are moving backwards instead of forwards as a country.

  3. Love the controversy. This is a great post Connor. It is so sad that the political agenda overrules scientific research the majority of the time. And you can be sure that once the economic exploitation leads to widespread problems, scientists will receive a large portion of the blame for “failing to warn the public”. The final quote of your blog sums up my thoughts exactly.

  4. I heard this on BC almanac this morning drive up to TRU! They said that basically Canada is turning into the USA Bush Years…

  5. I hate politics and the government. I don’t understand why they think silencing scientists is a good idea!!! The final quote was excellent.

  6. I heard this on CBC on Tuesday while driving to Vernon… It’s a bigger problem than I thought it would be. Hopefully exposing it will help grant our scientists freedom of speech to present exactly what their research finds. Excellent post!

  7. Hot topic, Connor. I’m sure Matt will be trying to hold his tongue in class this afternoon. Haha. They’re definitely leaning a little too far towards stopping a lot of forms of research and conservation. Concerning for sure. Since we have a majority government this time around, maybe they don’t have as many people opposing them.

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